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Everything you need to know to avoid dry hair this winter

Winter's frosty temperatures and the use of central heating mean that dryness is in abundance —dry skin, dry lips and not to mention dry hair.  

Afro and curly hair types are usually prone to dryness because of the kinks and curls present in the hair strand. Dryness is one of the main causes of breakage and hair damage so taking steps to maximise moisture will help you achieve healthy hair.

Here are some simple afro haircare tips to help you avoid dry hair this winter. 

1. Moisturise your hair (more) frequently

We say it all the time: moisture is everything! Our products are formulated with this in mind. You may find that you need to moisturise your hair more frequently in the winter. The LOC and LCO methods involve layering products and are very effective when it comes to minimising dry hair. To moisturise your hair you must use a water-based moisturiser. Oils are best used afterwards to seal in moisture and don't actually impart moisture on the hair when used alone.

Dry afro hair

As mentioned earlier, you may find that you need to moisturise your hair more frequently during the colder months. There are no set rules as to how often you should moisturise your hair as it will vary from person to person. If you're used to moisturing your hair every other day, it may be that during winter you have to moisturise your hair every day. 

2. Use protective styles

Protective styles are styles that keep the ends of your hair tucked away. The ends of the hair are the most fragile part of the hair strand and are most susceptible to breakage and damage. Protective styles help to shield the ends of your hair from the elements that dry them out. 

There are many different types of protective styles. Braided and twisted extensions are popular choices but you can also style your own hair.

Avoid dry hair

If you're protective styling, it's important to thoroughly moisturise your hair before styling and equally important to keep your hair moisturised while it's styled. 

3. Stay hydrated

Health starts on the inside and so it's not only important that you're using the right products on your hair, but that you're mindful about what you put into your body. How much water you need depends on your size and activity level but a general rule of thumb is to start with 8 large glasses a day. 

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