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Trimming Split Ends

If (like us) you wish split ends never existed, welcome, friend. We've got the perfect methods you need to help those splits disappear. 

The Classic Cut! 

Using professional scissors (put the kitchen scissors down, girl), with sharp blades and a comb, section your hair into small sections. Comb through the hair, ensuring all the curls are stretched out and straightened to provide total hair length visibility.

Trim your ends approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch of hair. The trimming required will vary depending on how far the split ends are along the hair shaft. The amount of splitting will lessen in future if regular trimming of the ends is maintained as you are giving the split ends less time to wreak havoc.

To note: This method will remove a good majority of split ends. However, it is not addressing any damage in the higher to the midsection of the hair.

Our Essentials Accessories Pack is a great tool to help divide and section the hair, including curved bobby pins and snag-free hair bands. 

The Duster!

The dusting method works well to keep on top of any new split ends and give your hair a regular trim without fear of overcutting! 

Like the classic cut, however, rather than cutting half an inch or more of hair, you only dust the very ends of the hair. 

If you already have significant splits, dusting the tips alone will not alleviate the problem. 

This is an excellent option for those who have noticed their ends becoming a little more brittle and beginning to split. Or if you want to keep on top of regular tidying to ensure any new split ends do not form more significant issues later down the line.

For this method, split the hair into large sections of approximately four to 6 pieces and lightly dust the ends with your professional (non-kitchen) scissors. 

Top tip: our Microfibre Towel is a great way to ensure your hair isn't under any undue stress and potential tearing. Due to it being friction-reducing and gentle on your crown.

Twist and Snip!

This tactical seek and destroy method removes any split ends that maybe be keeping your curls hostage.

Like 'The Classic Cut', section the hair into manageable sizes (the smaller, the better for precision) while twisting each section before cutting.

This way, you're able to both trim any ends and see any split ends that may be located throughout. Starting from the top of each section and working your way down, be sure to take your time.

The Twist and Snip is a great and easy method to maintain length overall (no big chop needed) whilst finding any damaged ends needing removal.

If you aren't sure what split ends are, check out our article here to know what you're looking for.

The Grazer!

Have all the time in the world or just a day off with nothing to do? The Grazer would be your trim of choice. 

 Pass over your locks with scissors searching for any split ends, and chop where the point divides the split hair. 

This method is brilliant if you have a lot of patience and time or have used the prior techniques and occasionally want to do some general light pruning.

Top tip: Using a Bonnet with Satin Lining can do wonders on your tresses to help maintain moisture and promote length retention to help negate split ends for good! 

Written by Louise Quasie-Woode


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