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Afrocenchix Presents: Wigs & Protective Styles Webinar

Join us as we discuss wigs, braids, twists and all manner of protective styles.

Joycelyn and Rachael discussed:

  • The dangers of using wig glue
  • How to keep your edges intact whilst using wigs as a protective style
  • How to look after your hair under your wig
  • How to maintain braids whilst wearing them as a protective style
  • How to sleep with your hair to make sure it's looked after

The main takeaways from our Wigs & Protective Styling webinar were:

  • Keep your hair clean by washing it every 7-10 days.
  • Don't make the cane rows or flat twists you wear under your wig too tight. This will protect your edges in the long run.
  • Don't wear braids all year round as the tension is not optimal. As Joycelyn always says - 'you should never sacrifice your hair for a hair style'.
  • Keep your hair clean and moisturised during the protective style. Spray your cane rows or braids with Sheen and oil it with either Seal or Soothe.
  • Stay away from wig glue, opt for safer surgical grade silicone instead. Be sure to take your wig down nightly.

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