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Afrocenchix Presents: The Dry & Damaged Hair Webinar

We're back from summer break next Tuesday 29th September at 5pm with this webinar that should help you understand the causes and treatments of dry/damaged Afro hair.

Dry and damaged hair is one of the most frustrating, yet common problems that many women with Afro hair and others face. We get so many questions such as "I do the LOC method but after two days my hair is dry again, what do I do? and "I'm at wit's end, should I do a protein treatment for my brittle ends?" Joycelyn and Rachael will answer your questions live.

When you register for the webinar to ask your questions. Pre-submitted questions include:

  • I do the LCO method after washing, after 2 days my hair is dry again? What should I do to keep it moisturised?
  • I last trimmed my hair three weeks ago but am still finding damaged ends when detangling after moisturising my hair. How often should I trim my hair?
  • Are hair treatments necessary to bring damaged hair back and make it healthy? For example, clay, herb, hot oil etc. If so, how often?

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