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Afrocenchix Presents: Part 2 of the Dry & Damaged Afro Hair Webinar

On Friday 16th Oct at 1pm, Rachael and Joycelyn will expand on questions that were not answered during the first Dry & Damaged Hair Webinar.

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About this Event

Damaged hair is one of the most frustrating problems and we got so many questions about it during the Dry & Damaged Hair webinar that we want to get through the remaining questions.

Please join the webinar to ask your questions live. The first three questions are:

  • I have a little hair loss at the centre of my head and it doesn't grow. Do you have any tips or products to stimulate hair growth?
  • With the moisture surge set, how much of each product should I use? I have trouble knowing what’s too much or too little.
  • Why does it feel like my hair never grows beyond a certain length?

See you on Friday! We're testing having these webinars during lunch time, let's see how it goes! 

Click on this link to register for Part 2 of the Dry & Damaged Hair Webinar

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