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Event Summary: Reach for the Stars - Launch your 2020 Goals with Afrocenchix

On Thursday, January 23rd we hosted our 'Reach for the Stars' goal-setting event (with a panel and workshop). The event coincided with the launch of our new silicone-free conditioner, Swirl

First, our guests played Bingo Networking, where they had to go around the room looking for people that exhibited traits/had things that we had listed on a sheet. The winner received a special gift of Afrocenchix products!


Joycelyn and Rachael hosting a presentation

Rachael and Joycelyn then opened the night with a presentation on the story of the Swirl conditioner launch and how it went from an idea, to prototyping to fruition. They explained how the goal of launching a silicone-free conditioner that provides sufficient slip led to growing the team to 8 people and raising half a million pounds. They also shared the goal-setting tools they used to keep their eyes on the ball and reach that goal. 

Rachael and Joycelyn wrapped up with an announcement that the final tool you need for all of your

Wash Day needs has landed on, a microfibre towel!

Our attendees then used the break to shop. Our newly-launched microfibre towels flew off the shelves!

People buying products from a stand

The break was followed by an inspirational panel discussion and Q&A moderated by our very own Rachael. We heard from Florence (MDMFlow), Reni and Rebecca-Monique (left to right in picture below) on what goal-setting meant to them. They shared how much they needed to be focused in order to meet or surpass their goals and how they bounced back from goals they did not reach. 

Panellists left to right Florence, Reni, Rebecca-Monique, Rachael

Joycelyn then held our goal setting workshop and shared what it means to not only set goals but to set SMART goals. She used the example of setting a 'grow my edges back' goal.

Is the goal specific? Yes. Is it measurable? Yes, you have decided on the area of hair you wish to work on. It is achievable? Should there be no underlying/unknown health issues or permanent hair damage, the hair should grow back. Is it relevant? For many women, how their hair looks affects their confidence and how they feel about themselves. Is it time-based? If you set a realistic time goal (i.e. 8 months) and stick to it daily, then it's very possible to reach. 

If you set three to five goals for the year and break them down into three smaller chunks, you should be able to reach them! If any major life changes occur, please know that it usually takes about 6 months to adjust. So if you find a new job, get engaged or move home, the goals you previously set may change, no longer be relevant necessary or evolve into something else! Our guests shared their goals with us for the year and we look forward to hearing back from one attendee (Harriet 😉) in one month with her update!

Attendees sitting down with one standing up

To support our wonderful panellists, please see below for their web/contact information:

Rebecca-Monique, Life Coaching
Website: // Instagram: @rbccmnq 

Reni K Amayo
Website: // Instagram: @renikamayo

Florence "Flow" Adepoju
Website: // Instagram: @mdmflow

Joycelyn, Florence, Rebecca-Monique, Reni, Rachael

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