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The Best 7 Transitioning Hairstyles To Try

Transitioning styles are for hair altered through relaxing, heat styling or any process that changes the hair's natural state and curl pattern. A transitioning style aids the regrowth of the hairs natural pattern while maintaining length and avoiding an unwanted 'big chop'. 

If you need help bringing back beautiful kinks and curls, here's a quick round-up of perfect transitioning hairstyles for those in need of a little inspiration as they take their natural hair journey.

Faux Locs

A great low maintenance game-changer without permanently loc'ing your hair. Ensure your locs are correctly installed as like all braiding and wrapping techniques, poor installation can do more harm than good!

 Beautiful black woman with Faux Locs and fan - Afrocenchix transitional hairstyles inspo article

Senegalese Twists

Not only are they beautiful, but they are an easily achievable two-strand method that will last for weeks. Slip your favourite bonnet on in the evening along with your go-to Braid Care Set routine, and you'll be good to go the next day!

 Black of a black woman's head with Senegalese Twists - Afrocenchix transitional hairstyles inspo article


Braids are a great transitioning hairstyle. It does wonders in hiding any lines of demarcation from new hair growth and patterns for transitioning tresses.

Black woman turned to the side looking into the distance with long braids - Afrocenchix transitional hairstyles inspo article

Braid Out

So you've had braids in for a few weeks and need a change? Welcome to the braid out.

This hairstyle is a perfect option, seamlessly blending your new hair growth with potentially more damaged ends and creating a beautiful wave pattern. 

Tip: unravel any braids and twists using our breakage fighting Seal Natural Hair Oil to create a fizz-free, more defined style.

Smiling black woman with a braid out - Afrocenchix transitional hairstyles inspo article

Head Wrap

Fear not fragile hair! A quick and easy solution that protects curls from the elements. 

Pop your hair in a bun, braids or freestyle along with some Smooth Moisturising Cream and add your cute head wrap to maintain moisture and protection.

Tip: This is an excellent swap for when your braid out is on its last legs. 

Smiling black woman wearing a Headwrap looking to the side - Afrocenchix transitional hairstyles inspo article 4 

Flexi Rod Sets 

Flexi rods are the unsung hero for transitioning styles when used correctly.

They are brilliant at harmonising curl patterns when transitioning. Especially if you're looking for more shine, then you may find your friend in the flexi rod sets.

Tip: combine with The Locs Care Set to have a perfect unravelling each time.

 Beautiful black woman with curly hair from flexi rods - Afrocenchix transitional hairstyles inspo article  3


A classic champion. Long-lasting, secure and strengthening to strands, weaving them together and helping to maintain moisture with correct upkeep. You can't go wrong with this one.

With all these transitioning styles, using the right products to protect and nourish your hair are vital to get the best out of your transitioning style. Make sure you wrap up your locs with a bonnet at night to keep them fighting fit.

Pretty black woman with cornrows smiling - Afrocenchix transitional hairstyles inspo article

In need of more guides on keeping your hair healthy while transitioning? Want to know how to maintain your braids and twists further? Check out our related articles, below.

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This article was written by Louise Quasie-Woode.

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