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Top 5 Lockdown Hair Care Tips

'Lockdown' doesn't need to spell disaster for your hair.

Here are our top tips on how to maintain your hair over the next few weeks.

1. Stick to your 'regular' routine

We know it's tempting to just keep your hair in a bonnet and never look back, but try to keep to your regular routine. This goes for everything from exercise, eating times, sleeping time to, of course, washing your hair.

Try to wash your hair on your usual wash day and moisturise it regularly. Your hair will thank you for it!

2. Get friendly with protective styling, bonnets/silk scarves

Just because you are sticking to a regular routine doesn't mean you need to have a pretty hairstyle. After all, you're not exactly going anywhere for the next few weeks, are you?

Make use of this time to stock up on a second bonnet or silk scarf. One can be used during the day or for when you're on video calls, the other can be used when you sleep. Keep them clean and they'll last a long time!

This tip is super useful for those of us who suffer from 'hands-in-hair' syndrome. As we slowly get bored, we'll find ourselves with the urge to play in our hair. Reduce over-manipulation during this time by keeping your hair under wraps.

3. Experiment with new hairstyles

Okay, okay. We know we just told that you can use this time to hide under a scarf but on the same note, you could use this time to experiment. It's completely up to you!

Being told to stay indoors for a prolonged period of time is unprecedented and new for many of us, so how we each decide to deal with our newfound 'home time' is going to differ. If you had been getting bored of the hairstyles you had been rocking or need some inspiration, now is the time to experiment.

Watch some styling videos or head to the styling section on our blog, give them a go and see which ones you think deserve to make it outside.

4. Level up your conditioning treatments

Now is the time to truly glow up.

If you had been neglecting your hair for the first few months of this year, you can give it some conditioning TLC without cutting into your work OR play time!

We recommend leaving our conditioner in for 15-20 mins for extra softness. Once you apply the conditioner throughout your hair, with a special focus on the ends, cover with a heat cap. Don't have a heat cap? Pop on a shower cap then a bonnet, and set a 20 minute timer (longer could cause hygral fatigue.) Next, read a book, chop some veg or even squeeze in a zoom meeting during that treatment. Just remember to turn off the camera!

5. Plan your haircare purchases

Now is not the time to run out of your favourite conditioner. (Don't worry, we are still shipping Swirl out for now!)

However, take stock of how much product you have left and think through how long it takes you to finish a full bottle. If you're at home with more people or are planning to increase your self-care habits, you may need more product.

Order ahead of time as you'll need to take any potential delivery delays into account!

Don't stress about your tresses! Whether you're going with the flow or sticking to a routine, this time is yours to play with. We wish you moisturised Afros, smooth locs and popping protective styles.

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