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8 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

Valentine’s Day is looking very different this year, with many of us thinking: how can I celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day in lockdown? Don't worry, we’ve rounded up eight covid-secure ways to celebrate this special day. Whether you’re single or in a couple, we have something for everyone! 

1. Spa Day

Why not treat yourself to a DIY spa day? This is perfect for singles and couples. You can light some scented candles, have a bubble bath, put on a face mask and just relax! 

2. Get It Right With Afrocenchix

How to celebrate Valentine's Day in lockdown: afro-haired woman taking out Afrocenchix product out of African print bag

Is your significant other not in the same household as you? Do you want to show your friend, Mum or Dad etc, that you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s Day? Then why not send them an Afrocenchix gift set or gift card! You can order it online and we can send it straight to them – how easy, convenient and practical!

3. Quiz Night

Do you remember during lockdown 1.0 when everyone was doing quizzes? Let’s bring it back. For this lockdown edition of Valentine’s Day, why not organise a virtual ‘how well do you know me’ quiz with your friends or partner. 

4. Send A Letter

Let’s be honest, most of us love romantic period dramas where the lead characters send each other love notes and letters. So this year, try your hand at penning a romantic note, poem or letter and letting your loved ones know how you feel. Not a writer? Maybe just send a card with their favourite poem. 

5. Socially Distanced Walk

You could head out locally to stretch your legs and go on a socially distanced walk. The rules and tiers are changing all the time, so don’t forget to check the government guidelines surrounding this before you head out! 

6. Order A Takeaway

Treat yourself to a nice takeaway or cook your favourite meal. If you can, you can arrange to cook with your household and create a lovely meal or do this virtually. You can set up a chat with your bestie while you cook or place that takeaway order.

7. Watch A Film 

Watching a film with your friends or significant other can still be fun in lockdown! You can synchronise your films or TV shows or use apps like Netflix Party or Amazon Prime Party. Afterwards, you can arrange a chat to discuss what you watched and if you loved it or hated it!

8. Virtual Tea/Coffee

Organise a virtual coffee date or phone call with your friends, family or significant other to catch up. Ok, we know that this isn’t the same as an IRL date, but lockdown has a lot of people feeling lonely and disconnected, so don’t forget to connect and check in with your nearest and dearest. 

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