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Healthy Hair? It's all about Balance

Want soft, healthy, manageable hair? Of course, we all do. To achieve the hair you’d love to have it’s essential to maintain high moisture levels. Two of the main (controllable) factors which can determine how moisturised your hair are pH and temperature.

Low temperatures and a low pH means the cuticle which protects your hair is smoothed down and able to keep moisture locked in.


High pH and high temperatures raise the cuticle allowing moisture to escape, increasing frizz and leaving the hair’s cortex vulnerable to damage. 

More on heat later, we’ll focus on pH for now.

In caring for your hair it could help to pay attention to pH balance. The ideal pH for hair products is reported to be within the range of 4-5.5, close to that of our hair’s resting pH. That’s right, a little acid is good for your hair! The sebum that our scalps produce is a little acidic and this creates the ideal condition for healthy hair growth. To keep your hair naturally locking in moisture, ensure that the pH of the products you use is below pH 8 but above pH 3.

Our pH balanced products are developed with the help of top scientists, check them out here!

Do you find pH balance makes a difference to your hair? Share your experiences with us on instagram, facebook and twitter.

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