Hair Loss in Pregnancy

Hair Loss in Pregnancy

During pregnancy most women expect glowing skin and full, shiny hair...some like me get spots and breakage instead! Not much is known about hair loss and breakage in pregnancy. Theories include the idea that high progesterone levels make hair drier and more brittle leading to breakage, and that pregnancy sickness can lead to nutrient deficiencies which in turn means weaker hair. Read on for what you can do about it.

If you, like me, find your hair is more prone to breakage even though you are taking more vitamins than ever and haven't changed your hair care routine, this can be quite frustrating.

Here are some ways to minimise hair breakage during pregnancy:

- Wear low manipulation, protective styles. Keeping hands, combs and other tools away from your hair can help you to avoid mechanical damage. Wear your hair in a bun or flat twists for a few days to give it a break from the breakage!

- Avoid tight hair bands and damaged bobby pins. This is good practice in general but when your hair is fragile it is even more important to avoid hair accessories that can snag or pull on your delicate tresses.

- Use a mild shampoo and conditioner and avoid chemicals. Using chemical straighteners or dyes can leave your mane even dryer. If you fancy a change opt for a cut instead - I did this and found my hair looked fuller, more even and neater. 

Be patient with your hair and body, pregnancy is a huge change and it may take a while for things to return to normal (if they ever do!) Excessive hair loss (falling out from the root rather than breakage along the hair shaft) in pregnancy can be a sign of a medical problem so please consult a trichologist or your GP if you are concerned.

Did you experience hair breakage/loss in pregnancy? If so please share your tips to overcome this pesky problem.