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Share your story. Embrace your natural beauty. Inspire others.

Join our #MyHairNaturalCare campaign and let the world know why you choose natural.

When we started Afrocenchix we had no idea how important natural hair was to many black women. We simply needed chemical free hair care. Over the years you have shared your stories with us and we have learnt how important it is to change the negative perceptions often surrounding natural hair. We want to inspire the next generation to proudly wear their naturally curly Afro hair as it grows from their heads, knowing it is beautiful, professional and manageable with the right products and knowledge. 

After recent reports outlining just how harmful many common Black hair care products are, we wanted to do something positive to change the way afro hair is seen both within our community and in the wider world. Through sharing positive personal stories of ‘going natural’ and using natural beauty products, the #MyHairNaturalCare campaign aims to inspire women like us to embrace their natural hair and adopt health hair and beauty practices. As we share our reasons for embracing all things natural, the beauty industry will have to change. United we are powerful.

Get involved in our campaign by sharing your experience of going natural using #MyHairNaturalCare & tagging us in your posts!

Why do you choose natural? Share with us on social media using the tag #MyHairNaturalCare and be featured on our platforms!