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What you need to know about cutting Afro and curly hair

Contribution from Sara Steele.
I’ve been a hairdresser for over ten years and I've cut all hair types from straight European textures to the kinkiest Afro. During this time, one of my most frequently discussed topics is how to properly cut Afro and curly hair. There are many myths surrounding this topic so keep reading to find out the four most common questions regarding cutting Afro hair!
Should Afro and curly hair be cut wet or dry?
It is better to cut Afro hair and very curly hair dry. If you cut hair when wet, it's likely that too much hair will be removed, due to shrinkage, and once dry again will be much shorter than desired. 
Do I have to straighten my Afro/curly hair to cut it?
This depends on how you normally wear your hair. If you wear your hair straight, straightening before cutting works. If you wear your kinks and curls naturally, straightening before a cut wouldn't be the best option because you can end up with uneven hair. 
How often should afro/curly hair be trimmed? 
You should trim Afro/curly hair every 8-12 weeks to help maintain the shape and to keep your ends tangle free. This will significantly decrease your time spent detangling, therefore simplifying your overall hair regime. If trimming at home, always be sure to use a set of sharp professional hair scissors, anything else can snag and cause damage.
Does my hair grow faster if I cut it regularly?
This is a common misconception. Hair grows from the roots and it grows approximately half an inch every month; that doesn't change whether you cut or not. If your hair doesn't seem to be growing, it could be that the rate of breakage is greater than the rate of growth. Cutting your hair regularly and moisturising frequently will help minimise breakage by eliminating split ends, therefore allowing you to retain more length. 
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