Looking for a fresh new look? See our top 7 end of summer afro hairstyles for women

Looking for a fresh new look? See our top 7 end of summer afro hairstyles for women

If you're anything like us at Afrocenchix HQ, there are times when our go-to hairstyle can save the day... then there are other times when it can bore you more than an unsuccessful date. 

As the change of weather is coming, we've curated 7 creative styles for you to try and beat the go-to hairstyle blues with.

We love the versatility of Afro hair!

Rocking your Afro hair as a black woman is liberating and there are so many creative ways you can style your hair and express your inner queen.

These hairstyles are great to rock throughout the year and our product sets are here to keep your hair maintained, no matter what style you choose! 


1. Crochet Faux Locs

 Afro hair black woman faux crochet locs


Yes, you read it right, Crochet Faux Locs. This is a go-to fav for all naturals who want braids but without the stress of waiting too long for it to be braided. Crochet loc lovers who install them on tracks find this style lighter on their scalps than individual faux loc styles. The tracks can help to spread the tension of the style evenly on the scalp. 


2. Box Braids

Afro hair woman ombre braid style  


Want a pop of colour to brighten the Autumnal mood? No need to colour your hair with chemicals, this custom hair colour blend is a remix on your classic braids. Try a middle parting for that elegant long hair don’t care look.


3. Bob box braids

 Afro hair black woman hairstyle box braid bob


Bob braids have made a comeback and we are a here for it! If you’re looking for a look with remnants of ’90s fun, then look no further. Bonus - they take an even shorter time to install than their lengthy counterparts. 


4. Bantu Knots

 Afro hair black woman hairstyle Bantu knots

Let’s take a trip back to Africa with this take on classic Bantu Knots. We love that Bantu Knots protects your ends too. Top tip: remember to moisturise beforehand to get the best protection from this style.


5. Fulani Braids

 afro hair black woman hairstyle fulani braids\


Who doesn’t love Fulani braids!? This is a popular hairstyle for black women and girls that can be easily customised with your own selection of beads! You can find out how to take care of your hair when it's in braids by reading this blog post.



6. Twists

afro hair black woman twist style 


For a low maintenance protective styling try wearing your twists prior to taking them down. Make sure your hair is moisturised before twisting to keep the style sleek and juicy for longer. This style is a two for one deal - take your twists down with a bit of hair oil on your fingertips to transform them into a twist-out


7. TWA

 Afro hair black woman hair shot hair styles


What would a blog post on Afro hair be without the classic TWA also known as a ‘tinnie weenie afro’. Take the plunge and rock this simple look that can be achieved every day! 

Are you ready to swap your 'go-to' with a fresh look? 


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