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3 Top Tips for Top-notch Twistouts

1. Neat Twists. Neat Twist Outs

As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so the twist-out does not fall far from the twist. That is, if you have messy twists with strands “borrowed” from stray hair left, right and center you will more often than not end up with a frizzy mess. Twists need not be a work of art but must be well moisturised, somewhat uniform – in size as well as product distribution, individual (they don’t like to share hairs between them) and smooth.

2. Water, water, water 

Always style on damp hair. Styling is all about breaking hydrogen bonds in the hair and making new ones – you need a little water to help you with this so dampen hair before styling if you want it to cooperate. You can either style hair that is almost dry from washing or dampen dry hair with a good moisture spray. Water is also essential for moisture as you may have read in a previous post.

Resist the urge go crazy with the H2O… Twisting wet hair is asking for trouble – always let hair dry a little or when shrinkage sets in it will bring its friend frizz along for the ride and mess up those neat and orderly twists you just worked so hard on.

Wait until your hair is DRY before removing the twists so that the shape has set or kiss goodbye to definition. But don’t wait too long. If your twists start to look a little fuzzy remember the first tip: fuzzy twists beget fuzzy twist outs.

3. Oil it up

Use oil to seal the moisture you add  into the twists. It is also important that you apply a little lightweight oil to your fingertips when you (gently) unravel and take down the twists. The oil forms a double barrier – one, it stops humidity from swelling up your hair and stealing your definition and two, it prevents friction from your fingertips from interfering with your curl pattern.

Follow these 3 tips and voila, enjoy beautiful naturalosity!

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