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Holiday Hair: Style Inspiration and Beach/Pool Care

We've all been there,  after excitedly confirming flight and accommodation details and looking forward to blissful relaxation in a land of sun and sea we ask that question..."What am I going to do with my hair?"


Holidays are meant to be about kicking back and enjoying a break — the last thing you want is to be stressed about your hair.

Help is at hand! Deciding ahead of time what you'll do with your hair will help put your mind at ease. Grab your Travel Set and read on for styles, accessories and pool/beach care tips to help avoid tress stress whilst abroad. 


If your holiday destination has a humid climate, then your go-to twist out or braid out is likely to frizz... a lot. In that case you can either embrace the frizz or opt for protective styling.  

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The high puff is an old faithful style that almost always works.  

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A protective style can either be done with your own hair — buns, twisted or braided styles — or with twisted or braided extensions or crochet braids. 



Constant exposure to the sun can cause your hair to dry out...  

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Hats and wraps are great at keeping the sun rays at bay whilst keeping you looking chic at the same time. 

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Beach/Pool care

Wearing your hair in a protective style will minimise tangles whilst in the water. 


To avoid damage from chlorine, salt water and hygral fatigue, try this out.

Before swimming:

Saturate your hair with tap water and an oil like coconut oil to minimise the amount of chlorine/salt water absorbed. 

After swimming:

Rinse your hair thoroughly with water. The sooner you are able to rinse your hair the better. 

If your hair is in twists or braids then shampoo your scalp and work the shampoo along your hair. 

Otherwise, wash and condition your hair as normal following up with the LOC or LCO methods


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