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Winter Afro Haircare: Looking after your hair during the festive season

Want to look your best this festive season? Let's learn how to keep our hair healthy this winter.

Join us for this webinar, where Rachael and Joycelyn will discuss how to look after your hair during the festive season.

Questions we will answer include:

  • Do you have any tips for looking after afro hair in winter?
  • My 4c hair gets dry very quickly. I’ve started being consistent with daily moisturising. However, I’m worried about how to maintain my hair and keep it moisturised in the winter months.
  • What's the worst thing for afro hair in the winter?
  • How often should I wash my hair during the winter?

Want to learn more before our webinar? Read our Winter Afro Hair Care Myths blog here:

Our webinar will start at 5pm on Tuesday 23rd Nov and will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. You will have the chance to submit your question when you sign up and can also ask questions in the chat for the Q&A session.

See you there!