Aja Barber, Pan Macmillan editors, Afrocenchix team, Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate Afrocenchix book lovers box event 2021

Afrocenchix Book Lover’s Box Launch Event! 

Afrocenchix is delighted to announce the launch of the Book Lover’s Box for Christmas 2021 in partnership with Pan Macmillan.

Many of our community love books, are avid readers and have been begging for us to create a book club. As a result we curated the Afrocenchix book lover’s box!

In celebration of the launch and the partnership with Pan Macmillan, we held an intimate event in Agdon House in London with influencers, editors and more. The event includes a panel centred around the topic of authenticity and was chaired by Jeanette Nkwate (Afrocenchix, Social and Content).

The event included a heartwarming introduction by Afrocenchix’s co-founders, Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate. Which was followed by readings and discussions from the wonderful panel: 

  • Marissa Constantinou, Assistant Editor at Picador. She is also the editor of Women of the Harlem Renaissance, an anthology of poems and stories that will be published by Macmillan Collector’s Library in 2022.
  • Salma Begum is an Editorial Assistant at Picador where she works across literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  • Aja Barber author of Consumed. A powerful, truth speaking book that discusses the impacts of consumerism. 
  • Rachael Corson, the cofounder and CEO of Afrocenchix. 

The event sparked engaging and thoughtful discussions with the panel and the audience around consumerism, safe spaces, race and authenticity. And ended with our exclusive attendees receiving a goodie bag featuring all the goodies in the Afrocenchix Book Lover’s Box

The Afrocenchix Book Lover’s Box contains the:

  • Afrocenchix Travel Set, all of our award-winning products in mini sizes.
  • Afrocenchix ‘Create Your Legacy’ 2022 Calendar to help inspire you and remember dates, events.
  • Unique Afrocenchix Bookmark to help you keep track while reading.
  • Lovely Afrocenchix Stickers Set to ​​dress up your laptop, phone, planner, calendar, scrapbook or whatever you want!
  • Afrocenchix Organic Canvas Tote Bag, perfect for holding your favourite things such as your Afrocenchix products.
  • Consumed by Aja Barber (Octopus Books), a powerful, truth speaking book that discusses the impacts of consumerism. 
  • Passing by Nella Larsen (Pan Macmillan), a beautiful novella about racism in 1920s Harlem.
  • The Office Historical Corrections by Danielle Evans (Pan Macmillan), six short stories and a novella that deals with topics of race, loss, legacy and loneliness in America.
  • Exclusive invites to future Afrocenchix’s Book Lovers Box events in 2022.  

The Limited Edition Afrocenchix Book Lover’s Box (RRP £65, worth £150!) is available now on the Afrocenchix online store just in time for Christmas. 

Big thank you to everyone at Pan Macmillan and Agdon House that made the event special, as well as our illustrious panel and attendees!