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Purpose Drives Business: Afrocenchix x Norfolk Network

Brands that stick 100% to their values and purpose are going to be the winners as we emerge from the pandemic. On Mar 11, 2021 11:00 AM in London, the Norfolk Network talked with Afrocenchix about being a purpose driven business and what that really means.

At the virtual event, our Co-founders Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate shared: 

  • How their deep sense of purpose and set of values have driven every aspect of the business from the start and continues to influence new ideas and innovation as the business grows
  • How Afrocenchix began when Joycelyn and Rachael met at university in 2008
  • Their shared the frustration of not finding any products for Afro hair that didn’t contain nasty chemicals (Rachael had eczema and numerous allergies) 
  • How our co-founders started creating their own products, making sure they were kind to people and the planet. 
  • Insights on how they are driving a global, award winning ethical and sustainable business, producing top quality guilt free products

Missed the event? Don't worry, you can watch the virtual event, below:

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