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Is Natural Hair Professional? - #HairCare101 Event Summary

Last Thursday 16th March 2017 we ran an intimate interactive workshop for around 40 UK Naturals. We had three sessions and a panel discussion around the question, "Is Natural Hair Professional?". Sessions were delivered by Afrocenchix founders Joycelyn and Rachael, Trichologist Stephanie Sey and Award-winning Hair Stylist Marlene Abuah of Natural Gloe. In the words of one of our guests, Jennifer: "More talks like this please! The event was professional and well organised and included an introduction, organisers welcome speech, panel chat and workshop; it was certainly worth the money! The Meetup well confirmed the amazing versatility of natural black hair - so proud to have been a part of this inspiring event; the workshop was a true eye-opener and so inspiring. Many thanks to the organisers Rachael and Joycelyn for a marvellous job well done!" Read on for an event summary. Session 1: Healthy diet for health hair growth Stephanie Sey took us through how our diet and health can be reflected in our hair. She talked about the basics of a healthy diet and reasons to avoid processed foods. We also talked about the importance of eating a varied and balanced diet. If we are lacking a certain nutrient our hair will often suffer. Stephanie showed how a nutritious diet is the key to shiny, healthy hair that's easy to style for professional settings. Session 2: Natural Hair is Professional - Afrocenchix Afrocenchix co-founders Joycelyn and Rachael ran through the social/political backdrop of the question, "Is Natural Hair Professional?" We looked at where the negative perception of natural hair comes from and discussed ways to make change. Panel Discussion: Is Natural Hair Professional? The highlight of the event was the panel discussion. Stephanie Sey, Jacqueline Shepherd, Marlene Abuah, Jessica - Afro Is Massive, Lola - African Remy, and Steph Effiom Idowu spoke about their varied experiences. The panel represented the worlds of Sky TV presenting, Accountancy, Contemporary Dance, Acting and the Legal profession. We discussed work stories, what to do when colleagues touch your hair and go-to professional styles. Session 3: Professional Natural Hair Styling Marlene Abuah of Natural Gloe talked us through home styling tips whilst creating a beautiful look. The stunning style was live streamed on Instagram. The model uses Smooth and Seal to keep her hair healthy. She maintains protective styles throughout the week with Sheen and Seal. In conclusion, natural hair is Professional so enjoy your hair at work! You can find everyday professional work looks and haircare tips on YouTube with our styling playlist. Don't worry if you missed out, subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our events page for details of our next event.