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#HairCare101 Launch Event Summary

On Saturday 23rd April we hosted a group of 40 UK Naturals in an interactive natural hair workshop. Sessions were delivered by Afrocenchix founders Joycelyn and Rachael as well as trichologist Stephanie Sey and vlogger Chiaka Valentina. We’ve had requests for a summary of each session so here you go :). 

Session 1: Adopting a healthy diet for maximum hair growth

Stephanie Sey took us through how our diet can affect our health and this will be reflected in our hair. She covered all the food groups and did a run through of the vitamins and minerals needed to stay in good health. For instance B vitamins (including biotin) are important for many things and a lack of them will lead to dry hair and dull, cracked skin. This group of vitamins can be found in nuts, peas, legumes, eggs, liver, red meat, broccoli and avocado. You can try our kiwi-coconut smoothie to get a boost of the vitamins you need for healthy hair. 

Session 2: Building a moisture based, haircare regime

We ran through the basics of a healthy hair regime covering cleansing, moisturising, sealing in the moisture and protective styling. You can read about Joycelyn’s hair routine here and Rachael’s hair routine here.

Blogger, Thandi shared her tips for getting the most out of Swish. You can see her video covering this on her YouTube channel. 

Session 3: Simple styling whatever your length 

Chiaka demonstrated her favourite protective style whilst answering general styling questions. The final look was achieved using Smooth, Seal and Aloe Vera gel and can be maintained throughout the week with Sheen and Seal. You can find this style and others on our YouTube styling playlist.

If you missed the session no worries, this launch was the start of regular workshops. See what we have lined up on the events page and join our Meet-up group to help us decide what sort of events to run.

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