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Event Summary: Mummy & Me with Hannah Lee & Jamelia

On Saturday, September 14th we had the pleasure of hosting mummies, a dad and their little ones at our Mummy & Me event. As part of our Inspire a Generation campaign, we ran this event with the aim of empowering parents and children to embrace their natural beauty and put their health first.

Author Hannah Lee during book reading of My Hair book

It was an wonderful afternoon with our co-founder Rachael speaking to author, Hannah Lee about the inspiration behind her new illustrated children's book My Hair. Hannah also held a tantalising book reading for the audience.

Parents mingled with each other to discuss the importance of hair on their child's self-development and the children repeated affirming mantras such as "I love my hair" which was designed to help them understand the power of loving their hair in its natural state. 

Joycelyn Mate, Jamelia, Rachael Corson seated left to right

Jamelia spoke to both our co-founders, Joycelyn and Rachael and discussed how important it is to her that her daughters and other children know that their afro hair is beautiful in its natural state.

We all shed a tear as Jamelia choked up sharing personal experiences of when her daughters were made to feel less important because of the colour of their skin.

Audience listening to panel discussion

This was our first time hosting an afro hair event like this for parents and children and we can't wait for our next one! This event was especially significant for us because we believe it shouldn't be normal for young children to grow up hating their hair. 

Hannah Lee holding copy of My Hair book

You can order your copy of My Hair on Amazon and follow Hannah on Twitter at @hannahleewrites.

If you wish to stay in-the-know about our future events, keep an eye on our Events page, follow us on Instagram and join the community on our email newsletter!

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