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Announcing the New and Improved


We’re excited to welcome you to our refreshed website. This updated site will make it easier to learn and shop with us. We've optimised it for mobile devices as many of you browse on the go and we want to make it as simple as possible. Our blog will also be improved with quality weekly posts on the topics that matter to you. 

Beyond the small but mighty changes to improve your experience, we have gotten rid of all the bugs that plagued our last site! Thank you for continuing to choose Afrocenchix products even when our old site made it difficult to do so.

Although we started this project because of those bugs, at our annual focus group some of you told us more changes you wanted to see from our site. From design improvements to better account services, we took the lemons handed to us in the form of online glitches 🍋 and we are serving up the lemonade cocktail of easy browsing 🍹. Enjoy!

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