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Risky Chemicals in Black Beauty Products

Does looking good need to be a hazard? We don’t believe it does. Unfortunately for many black women, beauty choices are damaging their health.

A recent buzzfeed article highlighted the problem faced by millions of women – most cosmetics are toxic. Thankfully there are natural options for the health conscious. The problem is that very few cater for women with afro hair.

More research is being conducted into cosmetics for black women and a recent report showed some shocking findings:

“In an analysis of ingredients in 1,177 beauty and personal care products marketed to Black women, about one in 12 was ranked highly hazardous”

The report also found:

  • Fewer than one-fourth of the products marketed to Black women scored low in potentially hazardous ingredients, compared to about 40 percent of the items in Skin Deep® marketed to the general public.


  • Potential hazards linked to product ingredients include cancer, hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive damage, allergies and other adverse health effects.


  • The worst-scoring products marketed to Black women were hair relaxers, and hair colours and bleaching products.


We don’t think it’s right that there are far fewer options for women who chose to avoid chemicals. Hopefully reports like this will spark change in the industry. People like us have been shouting about the need for transparent, safe natural products for years and we even started our curly hair care line out of frustration with the dangerous products being branded as organic and sold at a premium. Earlier this year we ran the #MyHairNaturalCare campaign to encourage non toxic beauty product choices and now we are asking our community how we can help them to embrace natural.

Do you choose natural? Why or why not and what would help you to make healthier beauty choices? Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and we may even send you a freebie to help 😉

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