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7 Cute Summer Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Are you on the lookout for new summer hairstyles for afro and natural hair? The days are getting brighter and (hopefully) warmer, which means summer is around the corner! And we love the change in seasons because that means pretty summer hairstyles and outfits! Looking to get inspired? Then just keep scrolling.

Space Buns

This 90s-inspired hairstyle just shouts summer hairstyle, plus it’s a cute protective hairstyle for naturalistas looking to tuck away the ends of their hair! 

Afrocenchix summer hairstyles for afro natural hair kaylapecchioni

Image credit: @kaylapecchioni

Ponytail With Side-parting 

We don’t know about you, but here at Afrocenchix, we’re big fans of the pretty ponytail. You can show off your length and texture or use a pony extension so your ends are safe but you still look summer-ready! 

Afrocenchix summer hairstyles for afro natural hair nickybnatural

Image credit: @nickybnatural


In our opinion, we think cornrows are not only a practical summer hairstyle for natural hair but also darn cute. Whether your hair is long or short you can rock cornrows this summer – just adjust the size of them accordingly. 

Editor’s Tip: You’ll want to use a moisturising spray to refresh your cornrows and an oil to maintain the health of your scalp. Look for natural water-based moisturisers like Sheen Natural Moisturising Spray and Soothe Natural Scalp Oil.

Afrocenchix summer hairstyles for afro natural hair Curlbellaa

Image credit: @Curlbellaa

TWA With Accessories

Think that your hair is too short to do anything stylish this summer? Well, we’re here to let our short-haired sisters know that you can make your TWA cute with a few statement hair accessories and slides. Simple and easy! 

Afrocenchix summer hairstyles for afro natural hair once_upon_curlz
Image credit: @once_upon_curlz


We love this summer hairstyle for natural hair because it’s so impactful but it’s so easy to do. Want to know the secret to nailing this look? Three to four central ponytails and a little afro pick to fluff out your afro. 

Afrocenchix summer hairstyles for afro natural hair curlcilla

Image credit: @curlcilla

Pineapple With Headscarf 

Want to add a summery element to your everyday pineapple? Why not add a headscarf! There are so many styles to choose from. Just remember to pick something that’s satin or silk lined to protect your edges, locs, braids or coils from friction. 

Editor's Tip: The Afrocenchix Locs Care Set contains a curated selection of products from our award-winning range to help you cleanse and moisturise your locs so they stay lovely.

Afrocenchix summer hairstyles for afro natural hair mariahbagby
Image credit: @mariahbagby

Bubble ‘Braids’ 

Not everyone is amazing at braiding, which is why this summer hairstyle is ideal. All you need is some curly-friendly hairbands. 

Product recommendation: Our Essential Accessories Pack has snag-free endless elastic hairbands and headbands have been crafted specifically with curly and Afro hair in mind. They are stretchy, durable and gentle on your hair.  

Afrocenchix summer hairstyles for afro natural hair carpediemcurls

Image credit: @carpediemcurls

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