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Best Afro Hair Products for the Gym

When you're in the gym you want quick hair care that makes you look good and feel good. We've got a simple afro hair routine for you to use after workouts.

Simple Afro hair gym routine

After your workout, start with Swish shampoo which comes in mini gym/swim sized bottle perfect for popping into your gym bag. It's sulphate free and packed with moisturising ingredients so it's gentle enough to use every day.

Follow up with Smooth a water based blend of organic, fair trade shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil which delivers much needed moisture to afro and curly hair. Apply this liberally throughout your hair.

Then seal the deal with Seal, our award winning natural oil with jojoba and castor oil. Seal will lock in the moisture and make your hair shine without leaving it greasy. A little goes a long way. Focus on the ends of your hair as these are the driest parts and most prone to breakage.

Once you're done, rock a fro or pull it back in a puff. You can find all of these products in handy sets which come with simple guides to make your Afro Hair care easy so you can focus on your workouts. Check out how fitness blogger Elle Linton does it in the video below.