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Your Afro Hair will Love These Recreational Activities

At Afrocenchix we always encourage a healthy lifestyle for hair growth. Healthy eating, relaxation and exercise is the trifecta that combined with good, consistent hair care practice leads to luscious lengthy Afro hair.

How does exercise help stimulate healthy Afro hair?

So for those of us who aren't fitness fanatics, what's so great about exercise for Afro hair?
Well, exercise increases blood circulation, which helps much-needed nutrients reach our scalp and hair follicles. The very same vitamins and minerals that we eat and drink end up in our circulatory system and are carried in the bloodstream around our body.

The better our blood circulation, the more of these vital ingredients that contribute to the production of healthy hair is directed to our scalp and follicles. This supports the growth of healthy curls.  

Below: The blood supply reaches the hair follicle and brings nutrients which help the hair to grow. 
Bloody Supply Reaching Afro Hair Follicle

So what if you're not really that into gymming? Don't worry; we've got good news for you! There are other recreational activities that can increase blood circulation and we've looked into a few for you. They can be done solo or socially, so you can have a healthy lifestyle by exercising with your afro hair and have fun doing it.

Ice skating

A wintertime favourite, ice-skating is a wonderful aerobic sport, which increases blood circulation. It’s a great way to enjoy the winter atmosphere minus feeling cold! Not only will you be helping your hair grow, but you’ll also be building muscle strength and increasing endurance. Ice-skating is also gentler on the joints than running.

Afro Hair Woman Ice Skating


A childhood favourite for many, trampolining is a great way to stay active and increase blood circulation. In fact, NASA endorses it as more beneficial than running for exercise! Unlike running, jumping enables you to increase your heart rate without putting as much pressure on your legs and joints. Trampolining is also family-friendly, why not bounce your way into healthy Afro hair and spend quality time with the family?

Afro hair women trampolining

Roller skating 

Another sport that was popular in our younger years, roller skating helps to strengthen the heart muscle. This allows it to pump blood more effectively around the body increasing blood circulation and taking those vital nutrients to your scalp for growing healthy Afro hair. It’s a fun way to retain length, shift weight, and get fit.

Afro hair woman roller skating

Indoor Climbing 

For those who aren’t into bouncing or fast movements, indoor climbing offers another active solution. Climbing brings people to extend their range of movement, improving flexibility, which helps to boost circulation. Get out of your comfort zone and get healthy Afro hair growth by simply hanging around.

Afro Hair Woman climbing

Now that you have some inspiration to get that blood pumping and afro hair growing, let us know what activities you try out!

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