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7 ways to work self care into your daily routine

Embracing your natural hair is a huge statement of self care. Whether you transitioned, did the big chop or simply started to care for hair that's always been natural, we hope you found more self love through the process.
Although big gestures of caring for ones self are great, our everyday routines are the best way of creating lives that we don't need to take a break from. Here are 7 simple ways to work self care into your day to day life:
    1. Start with a morning affirmation - having a good start to the day is a key part of daily self care. Ever woken up late and spent the whole day feeling behind? You're not alone. A rushed morning always leads to a stressful day. Waking up 30 mins or so before you need to allows you some quiet time. So get to bed a little earlier and use those extra minutes to affirm yourself. We love these cards from A Life More Inspired... watch this space for a collaboration. 
    2. Have a good breakfast - breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Taking the time to give yourself the fuel you need for a successful day is key to self care. Treat yourself to wholesome complex carbohydrates to avoid an afternoon energy slump and load up on vitamins and minerals with a smoothie. Here's one of our favourite smoothie recipes.
    3. Read something for fun on the commute - ever get that nagging feeling that you should be working or developing yourself all the time? It's pretty common. Many of us use time on the train to catch up on the news or read books related to our careers. Pick one of your train rides to read for fun, whether it's poetry, a lighthearted article in Stylist or a great bit of fiction from an inspiring natural like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Yaa Gyasi or Tomi Adeyemi, take some time to read whatever you want.                   
    4. Head outdoors at lunchtime - experts say that time spent in nature is crucial for our health and wellbeing. Many of us don't have time to head to the countryside or even the park. We can make time to check google maps for the nearest green area to our workplace and take a stroll at lunchtime.self care
    5. Call an old friend whilst walking home - between work, family commitments and the fast pace of life, our friendships can take the backseat. Pick a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and give them a call on your way home. It's always refreshing to connect and you'll make their day too.
    6. Sit down for a healthy meal - rushed mealtimes leave us feeling far from relaxed. Carve out some time with your family or housemates and sit down for a nutritious meal. 
    7. Light a candle and soak in the bath tub - baths are underrated. 15 minutes in the tub relaxes your muscles, reduces the cortisol stress hormone and can even contribute to a good nights sleep. 
    For the rest of June we’ll be sending out a little self care starter kit with all orders of 3 or more products, including our sets.* Our gift to you is a taster of affirmation cards and a candle to set the mood for your bubble bath.
    afrocenchix affirmation
    *While stocks last. Please note you may receive different affirmations to the ones pictured.
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