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Hair Breakage & Edge Care Webinar on Tues 5th Oct at 5pm

In this webinar, our founder Rachael will go through your questions on breakage, edges and how to grow healthy hair!

About this event

Questions we are clearing up include:

  • What products work well together?
  • How do I avoid hair breakage?
  • What causes my hair to feel brittle and break?
  • Why do I have so many split ends?
  • How can I maintain and grow my edges?
  • What causes thinning of edges on one side of your head? What tips do you have to counteract this?
  • What is the best way to grow back hair lost from the edges/hair line?

Our webinar will start at 5pm on Tuesday 5th Oct and will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. You will have the chance to submit your question when you sign up and can also ask questions in the chat for the Q&A session.


Should you have any issues registering to this event via the widget above, please go directly to this link. If problems persist, please contact

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