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We Are Afrocenchix: Meet Our Content Creator!

Hi, I'm Jeanette Nkwate Content, Community & Comms Manager.

I look after everything social, content and communication on Afrocenchix. You'll normally find me with an iPhone in hand, reminding everyone to send their selfies! 

Tell us about yourself.

I'm of Filipino and Cameroonian heritage. I have been natural since forever – although, to be honest, I've tangoed with relaxer a few times but weirdly it never took! I've been a part of the Afrocenchix Team (content, community and comms) for two years and I love all things hair-related! My goal is to help our community realise that natural hair is simple with our great content and the right products, of course.

Describe any professional designations and industry-related accomplishments. 

I spent the beginning of my career exploring the global trade show and fashion week circuit. I was previously the Catwalks Editor at Stylus Fashion and the Associate Events Editor at WGSN. I launched Homebuildlife-WGSN (now WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors) and have contributed to Black Hair Magazine. I also had the privilege of being featured in the Metro, Brown Beauty Talk and Natalie Morris' first book, Mixed/Other.

 Jeanette Nkwate at Afrocenchix Event Holding Products

What are your hobbies?

I'm a caffeine and food junkie with a serious collection of nail varnishes and hair oils (because life is too short to wear just one colour of polish or to have dry hair, amirite?). So, in my spare time you can find me laughing by myself at TikToks, making vegan candles and drinking way too much coffee in Pret.

What's your favourite inspirational quote?

"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew." Cicely Tyson. I love this quote by the late actress Cicely Tyson, I feel that most of the challenges I've faced in my life have revealed a new aspect of me to myself.

Tell us what motivates you to do what you do here?

My motivation has been to contribute to something greater that adds value to our community. I always wanted to create a trusted encyclopedia of hair information, with the content we create this what I'm working towards at Afrocenchix. It's great knowing we are disrupting the industries and status quos, and in ways that are positive!

What's your favourite Afrocenchix product and why?

Can I cheat and say the Moisture Surge Set? I love all the products in this set so much! Like most, I suffer from dry hair so I use this set as part of the LCO method and I'm practically obsessed with Sheen, Smooth and Seal – I even paid for checked in luggage so I could take all my hair products with me!