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Afrocenchix & Pan Mac Launch Second Edition Of Book Club Box

Afrocenchix is delighted to announce the second edition of its Book Box Club for spring 2022 in partnership with Pan Macmillan.

Many of our community love books, are avid readers and have been begging for us to create a book club. As a result, we curated the Book Box Club, which launched late last year for Christmas.

“Our community has been asking for a book club for years and I’m delighted to finally make that happen with Pan Macmillan. Sara [Lloyd, communications director at Pan Macmillan] and the Pan Mac team have shared our enthusiasm from the start of our conversations and it’s been a joy to work with them on bringing the idea to fruition. Our engaged audience of over 65,000 people is mostly made up of Black women and they’ve often expressed feeling forgotten by the publishing industry. The Afrocenchix and Pan Macmillan partnership is designed with inclusion at the forefront. Our initial theme of ’Holistic Strength’ is an important starting point for our community in the wake of news stories like Child Q, which evoke painful memories. I’m moved by the way our first three books explore trauma in a refreshingly hopeful light and I can’t wait to go on this literary adventure with our community.” said Rachael Twumasi-Corson, CEO of Afrocenchix. 

Sara Lloyd, Communications Director at Pan Macmillan added: “When I met Rachael through the Black Writers’ Guild I knew immediately I wanted to find a way for us to work together more, and exploring together the overlap between Afrocenchix’s loyal customer base and a keen book-reading and purchasing segment, we both became even more excited by the possibilities of a really strong creative partnership. Rachael and the whole Afrocenchix team are such an impressive and inspirational bunch of women.”

This curated box is the ultimate gift for those that love self care and contains treats for your mind, spirit and hair (with over £100 worth of goodies!) for only £55)!

The The Afrocenchix Book Club Box contains:

  • Afrocenchix Swish, Swirl & Microfibre Towel (worth £50), full size bottles of our award-winning sulphate-free shampoo, silicone-free conditioner and hassle-free towel for a quick and easy wash day. It even comes in a handy cotton bag, which is great for travelling or going to the gym! 
  • Exclusive Afrocenchix Bookmark to help you keep track while reading.
  • Afrocenchix Stickers Set to ​​dress up your laptop, phone, planner, calendar, scrapbook or whatever you want!
  • A golden ticket which gives you free entry to an exclusive Afrocenchix & Pan Macmillan Book Box Club event.
  • The Attic Child by Lola Jaye (Macmillan), an epic historical novel exploring trauma, joy, family secrets, love, loss, identity and belonging. It’s released on 28th April so our Book Club gets a sneak peak!
  • Stronger by Poorna Bell (Bluebird), a mixture of memoir and manifesto, this book is about strength and relationship between physical and mental strength.
  • What Happened To You by Oprah Winfrey, Dr Bruce Perry (Bluebird), a book based on the personal conversation between Oprah and brain expert Dr. Bruce Perry that focuses on childhood trauma and how it influences the people we come across.

To avoid disappointment, be quick and buy your limited edition Afrocenchix Book Club Box today