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Why We Support Fair Trade

Fair Trade Fortnight is upon us and we wanted to take the time to thank everyone who supports Fair Trade by buying our moisturiser Smooth -made with organic, Fair Trade shea butter.

Shea butter is one of the most effective natural ingredients for the hair and skin, and it isn't easy to produce. The scene in Black Panther when the herb is ground up reminded us a little of how Shea Butter production works. First the Shea nuts must be harvested, then they are ground to create the butter that so many of us love. We believe the women who do this should be paid fairly for their hard work. 

Why people before profit means Fair Trade

We don’t mind reducing our profits to pay others safely, in fact we think it’s essential. Putting the needs of our customers, producers and employees first is a core value we've build Afrocenchix on and it's an area we aim to grow in.

We support initiatives such as Fair Trade certification and other schemes demanding decent working conditions and fair pay for workers.

We choose Fair Trade because it promotes efficient means of production to reduce waste and unnecessary labour, it ensures basic working conditions and it means every supplier is fairly paid. Another thing we love about Fair Trade is that schools, hospitals and training facilities are built with the Fair Trade premium, as voted for by the farmers and workers, so that the whole community benefits.

Business doesn't have to be about choosing between making money OR helping people. We make the money it takes to serve our customers by putting people before profit. It's in our company DNA: when Afrocenchix was just an idea and a few bottles of oil, we won the Ethical & Sustainable Business award from the University of Birmingham and our commitment to transparent supply chains remains the same.


Buying Fair Trade helps to tackle inequality so people around the world benefit from your choice of bananas, hair cream and coffee, now isn't that a beautiful thing?


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