Top 5 Black Panther Natural Hair Moments

Top 5 Black Panther Natural Hair Moments

We watched Black Panther with Black Girls Book Club this weekend and we are obsessed! The film more than lives up to the hype and it's no Marvel that box office records were obliterated in the opening weekend. (See what we did there).

One of our favourite elements in the film are the deeply complex, intelligent, beautiful and fierce leading ladies. Young black girls can finally look to mainstream media to be inspired by on screen characters that resemble them. Not only that, it is refreshing to see characters who find strength and pride in their African culture and traditions. 

For us, natural hair is about embracing your authentic self, and what a beautiful homage we find in Black Panther!

Here are our favourite natural hair moments:

1. Okaye's wig throw

We love Danai Gurira's tribal head tattooes. In the role of Okoye, leader of the Dora Milaje, she complains about having to wear a wig to fit in, calling it a 'disgrace', then later uses it as a weapon, throwing off the uncomfortable wig at the first chance she got. Now who else can relate to just wanting to be comfortable?

2.  Nakia slaying her twist out

In the lead actress role, Lupita Nyong’o has the king's heart and we can see why. When she steps out in her green dress with beautifully shaped hair, we all froze like antelope in headlights.
3. Shuri's braided styles
Okay so this is cheating as it's more than one moment, but we love Shuri as we are all about women in science and tech. We counted no less than 4 braided styles and wondered how Letitia Wright's character found time to look so cute in between executing her genius inventions. Maybe she used our Protective Style Set?
4.  Nakia rocking Wakanda knots
Lupita Nyong'o and Letitia Wright in Black Panther.
Wakanda knots speak for themselves. We feel a trend coming on.

5. Queen Ramonda's locs

Angela Bassett's character shows just how majestic locs can be. We loved seeing royalty with such classically afrocentric styles because it shows that natural hair is glamourous.

Seeing women with natural hair portrayed not as angry militants but as elite warriors, tech leaders, queens and social activists was the cherry on the top of a Marvellous movie!

What were your favourite moments?

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