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Festive Afro Hair Styles

The Christmas season is here! Office parties, family meals, catchups with friends and winter breaks all have one thing in common... the question of what to do with your hair! Click the style ideas below for natural hair inspiration and tips on achieving and maintaining these beautiful Afro hair styles.

Glow at your Christmas & New Year parties with these glamorous styles

Festive Style 1: Braided Bun

braided bun

This super cute protective style will take you through the whole holiday season and have you looking great at work and parties alike. Use gold decorative thread and jewellery to add an element of excitement. Keep this style looking great by using Sheen natural moisturising spray in the morning and wrapping with a silk or satin scarf at night.

Festive Style 2: Chunky twists

simple chunky twists

If you like to switch up your style but still use minimal effort then this is the look for you. Wear your twists down in the day and grab the bobby pins to put it up in the evenings for simple sophistication. Hair jewellery adds an extra touch of glamour to this simple look. Look after your twists with the braid care set and a satin bonnet.

Festive Style 3: Rubber Band Updo

rubber band updo

Into elaborate styles that turn heads? Take this picture to your stylist and be prepared for daily complements. This is another look that will take you through the whole festive season. Tie this style down at night with a silk or satin scarf and oil the partings with Soothe 100% natural scalp oil to keep it looking neat and feeling healthy.

Festive Style 4: Low Afro Puff with a Side Part

low afro puff side part

Need a quick style for that last minute party? Get this look by setting your go to puff much lower and creating a neat parting before you tie your puff. Decorate with your favourite sparkly hair clips and slides. This style works best on well moisturised hair so grab the moisture surge set before you begin.

Festive Style 5: The Roll and Tuck Bun-Hawk

Want a style that looks impressive but only takes a few minutes to do? Check out this styling video and grab your bobby pins for this simple but stylish roll and tuck look. This is a great look for the office party. Tie this style down at night with a silk or satin scarf and oil the partings with Soothe 100% natural scalp oil and you can rock this style for a few days.

Festive Style 6: Braided Bob

braided bob

We love this look for daily effortless glamour. Braids look amazing with any outfit and you can add gold thread or hair jewellery for special events. It's easy to look after braids if you use the braid care set and a satin bonnet every night.

Festive Style 7: Chunky Corn Row Bun

corn row bun

Glamour doesn't need to be complex. This beautiful style doesn't take long to have done and is great if you're travelling over Christmas and need a low maintenance look. Maintain this look with Sheen natural moisturising spray and Soothe 100% natural. Remember to tie this style down with a silk or satin scarf each night and on your flights.

Festive Style 8: Messy Twist Updo

messy twist updo

Another quick but glam look for a last minute invite? A few well placed twists pinned it place over well moisturised hair will have you looking fabulous faster than you can say bobby pin. Add diamond hair clips and pearl slides for extra sophistication and remember to start with the moisture surge set.

Festive Style 9: Braided Crown

braided crown

Another fancy one for the hairdresser to hook you up with! This regal up do will help you stand out whatever the event. Keep this looking fresh by tying down with a silk scarf and caring for your hair daily with Sheen natural moisturising spray and Soothe 100% natural.

Stylish looks always start with clean, well moisturised hair. So make sure you've got everything you need for wash day before you get ready to look your best this Christmas. Shop the set below and enjoy your holiday hair!

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