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New from Afrocenchix:

Hot on the release of the first ever Afro Hair Christmas Advert on British TV, the team are back with a product launch in the form of a free app called My Hair Journey.

Track and document hair journey

Users of the app can track and document their hair journey and access expert content to help make their hair journey less daunting

Home to Afrocenchix's chatbot

The app is home to Afrocenchix’s chatbot M’xche (rhymes with quiche) which launched earlier this year in beta mode. The expert chatbot is fuelled with data from 10,000s of people with Afro & curly hair

Waitlist for MHJ 2.0

Waitlist for MHJ 2.0 opens in Jan. Sign up early by joining the Afrocenchix email community.

Future plans

Future plans for the app include exclusive perks, surprise gifts, personalised hair care, styling advice and access to doctors and trichologists.

My Hair Journey guides users along their hair journey by providing simple custom routines, enabling them to track wash days and document their progress. Through the app, users will also have access to free expert content and will receive helpful reminders based on their hair goals. For a lot of black women, the hair journey can be overwhelming and confusing. My Hair Journey aims to make it simple.  

The My Hair Journey app is also the home of M'xche (that rhymes with quiche), a chat bot created by the Afrocenchix Team to help their growing community solve their hair care woes. Whether you need help with styling, breakage, hair loss or an itchy scalp, M’xche is your scientifically-accurate hair advisor, available 24/7. 

“At Afrocenchix, we believe that haircare can and should be simple. Everyone should be able to look after their hair without compromising their health or wellbeing. My Hair Journey makes natural hair simple,” said Rachael Corson, Afrocenchix CEO, who sketched out the wireframe for the app earlier this year whilst on the Google for Startups Black Founders Immersion programme.

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