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Braids need love too! The Braid Care Set is perfect for protective or low-maintenance styles like braids and twists with your natural hair or extensions. Using the Braid Care Set whilst protecting your hair with braids will help you minimise breakage and retain length.

This set has been expertly formulated to:

✔️ Keep braids clean, moisturised and soft
✔️ Nourish and relieve dry and itchy scalp
✔️ Keep braids smelling fresh
✔️ Eliminate buildup

NOTHING IS WORSE THAN TAKING DOWN YOUR BRAIDS AND SEEING your hair falling out with the extensions 😔

We're here to let you know that regularly maintaining your style using the Braid Care Set can ensure that your 'protective' style protects and doesn't cause unnecessary damage to your hair or hairline.

Video: How to wash, moisturise and oil hair & scalp to keep braids in optimum condition using the Braid Care Set

  • The Braid Care Set contains:

    ✨ Swish sulphate-free shampoo (250ml): Formulated with aloe vera and coconut oil, to provide a gentle cleanse without stripping away moisture.

  • ✨ Sheen moisturising spray (250ml): Infused with aloe vera and grape seed oil to moisturise and revive curly and afro hair without leaving buildup.

  • ✨ Soothe scalp oil (100ml): A lightweight blend of oils including lavender oil and sweet almond oil to promote healthy hair growth and relieve itchy scalps.

  • ✨ Instructional booklet on how to use the products

Whilst stocks last, get a free sample when you spend over £25



    ★★★★★ - Folakemi
    "I only discovered Afrocenchix this year due to the pandemic and this Braid Set did not disappoint. I consider myself as a "lazy natural" but this pandemic forced me to create a hair routine that was consistent. Using the shampoo every two weeks especially, with all the sweat I accumulate from training, kept my scalp clean from the build up and dirty.

  • I used Soothe and Sheen the most and these kept my hair moisturised and smelling beautiful. I’ve seen a huge improvement with my hair these past three months and these products will be a staple in my hair routine.

  • Thank you again for creating them!"

    ★★★★★ - Assam H
    "I absolutely love your products and I have seen such a huge improvement while using it on my hair. It truly is a great product and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. My hair is healthy and has grown so much within the past couple of weeks."

  • WE LOVE!
    ★★★★★ -
    "Soothe oils the scalp wonderfully without clogging up pores. And Swish cleanses the hair leaving it feeling soft and manageable. My husband and I also love how great the products smell!"

3 ways to reduce breakage when wearing braids

install correctly

Don't get your braided or twisted extensions installed anyhow! Make sure they're not too tight and wash the extensions beforehand!

keep your scalp clean

You wouldn't skip washing your face, so don't let your scalp go uncleaned! Wash regularly to avoid buildup!

moisture is key

Although it's tucked away, your hair is still under there! Keep it moisturised by spraying Sheen on it regularlly!