10 Graduation styles that will make you want to rock your afro for graduation day

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I graduated on Thursday 13th July 2017. Prior to the big day my mum and I were constantly battling about what I should do to my hair. She wanted me to straighten it. I said no.

natural hair graduation style

She wanted me to straighten it. I said no.

Why I wore my natural hair for my graduation style

 This got me thinking about why natural is deemed not good enough. This topic constantly resurfaces and was discussed on our blog, Is Natural Hair Unprofessional which led to an event of the same name. I decided that I wanted to be photographed with hair that reflected me.

 This got me thinking about why natural is deemed not good enough. 

How I used Afrocenchix products for my graduation style.

I washed my hair in sections with Swish then deep conditioned. I towel dried my hair, perfected my middle parting and sectioned my hair into 10 parts, 5 on each side of my head. Using Sheen, I spritzed each section and locked in the moisture with Seal. I then completed the LOC method with Smooth and used 'prayer hands' to really work the products int my hair shafts. Finally, I put all 10 sections into neat cornrows which I twisted at the ends. Keeping them neat prevents frizz during unravelling. I used a head-wrap to cover my hair for two days, each night spritzing the canerows with Sheen and rubbing with coconut oil.

On the day of my graduation I covered my hands with oil and slowly unravelled my hair.

My hair was super soft and smelt great because of the Afrocenchix products I used.

After fluffing out the roots of my hair, my hair had volume, movement and looked amazing! I used bobby pins to pin a the front of my hair out of my face, making it easier for the graduation cap to sit on my head. My hair was super soft and smelt great because of the Afrocenchix products I used.

 Our Favourite Graduation Hairstyles

Looking great for your graduation ceremony and having a natural hairstyle that will photograph well and fit under your cap doesn't limit you to a bun! Here is some inspiration in the form of 10 graduation hairstyles by the beautiful LiveNaturallyLove.

How are you wearing your hair for your graduation? Tag us in your instagram posts! 




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