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Selfridges lead on equality in beauty with launch of Afrocenchix haircare line to meet diverse needs

Iconic retailer Selfridges have partnered with Afrocenchix to stock safe, effective & ethical haircare specifically formulated for afro and curly hair.

The Afrocenchix line is certified vegan, a move that will encourage younger shoppers to visit the British giant. YouGov data shows 48% of vegans are 25-39. This young, engaged market has limited options, especially when caring for afro & curly hair. The products have a cult following and a customer base with diversity of hair from straight & blonde to brown and tightly curled.

Customers of Afrocenchix, holding different products


Rachael Twumasi-Corson, Founder & CEO of Afrocenchix says, “this is a wonderful step in ensuring there are safe, effective options for people with Afro and curly hair. This is a massive dream come true for us and we appreciate Selfridges commitment to everyday luxury brands like ours that put people and planet first. 

Rachael Corson Twumasi, CEO and Founder of Afrocenchix holding a sample bottle next to Selfridges sign

Research published in 2017 showed that 7 in 10 people with afro hair feel their needs are not met on the high street despite those with this hair type spending up to 6 times as much as their straight haired counterparts. Despite the clear retail opportunity in this huge, underserved market, most high street retailers still don’t carry options for afro hair. 

Of the tiny retail offering for afro hair, Afrocenchix stands apart as a natural, vegan choice. This is concerning in a time where  78% of products for Afro hair contain toxic ingredients linked to cancer fibroids and respiratory issues. Products targeted at Black women have also been shown to routinely use highly hazardous ingredients and a five year study showed connections between afro hair products and serious health concerns such as  dermatitis, eye irritations and reproductive problems.

This commitment to meeting the needs of all customers and ethical approach to embracing diversity will no doubt lead to a significant boost for Selfridges during this time of economic uncertainty.