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A quick and simple Afro hair style for kids

Styling kids' Afro hair can be simple and (relatively) fuss-free once you know the basics!

In September 2019, we held an event called Mummy & Me where we were joined by mums, a father and their little ones, Hannah Lee, author of My Hair, singer Jamelia, and Rashida who showed us a quick and simple style on her daughter Bailey's afro hair.

We held this event because it’s important to us that children grow up loving their afro hair. It was a memorable afternoon in the heart of central London and it was great to discuss how we can speak positively about hair around children and how best to look after their hair.

In this video, Rashida talks through how she moisturises and styles Bailey's hair. The style she creates is a simple and cute style that can be worn to school or on the weekends.

To achieve the look, you can:

  1. Spray Sheen moisturising hair spray onto your child's hair
  2. Spread on Smooth moisturising hair cream to maximise softness
  3. Seal it all in with Seal natural hair oil to ensure it lasts the whole week, no matter how rough they play!

    All three products are available in our Moisture Surge Set with an instructional booklet on how to maximise moisture.

    Rashida also talks about how she has brought Bailey up to love her afro hair and enjoy getting her hair done. She shares tips on:

    • Handling afro hair gently
    • Twisting at night to reduce tangles
    • Trimming hair regularly to prevent tangles
    • Using the LOC method to moisturise your child's hair

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