Hello and welcome to the Afrocenchix community! We want to help you maintain soft, manageable, beautiful kinks and curls with our plant powered botanicals. Our natural and organic, ethically produced range is tested by real women to make sure it really works and we were voted 'Best Natural Hair Brand' 2018! 

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I used Swish shampoo, Smooth moisturising cream and the Seal 100% natural oil ☺️. I actually poured out too much shampoo at first because the product lathers really well without the use of sulphates ✅. The moisturising cream has a lovely conditioning feel, but my fav has to be the oil! 🙌🏾 I didn't add any styling creams to my hair as I wanted to see how @afrocenchix products worked on their own. Although there is obviously less definition because of this, the shine on that oil made up for it! 👌🏾 Not to mention that people were commenting all night about how good my hair smelt ☺️🙌🏾. Thanks once again @afrocenchix, I'm looking forward to seeing the range of products grow!

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