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How To Effectively Moisturise Afro Hair

This post was originally published on 18th Jan 2019. Due to its popularity, it was updated with the new tips on 27th Jan 2021.

Moisturised afro hair — there is such a thing! One of the most common challenges with Afro hair is avoiding dryness and keeping hair moisturised. If you need an overview, check out our Afro hair care guide. This article will cover hydration and moisture!

Lack of moisture often leads to breakage and can make styling a challenge. Here are 5 things you can do to stop dry hair from letting you be great!

1. Say No To 'Moisturising' With Oils and Butters 

For a product to be moisturising it must be water-based. Oils and butters do not have hydrating properties as they don't contain water. However, they can be used after a water-based moisturiser to seal in moisture. Using a water-based moisturiser like Sheen or Smooth followed by an oil or butter will lock in moisture and make your hair happy.

2. Layer Your Products

Layering products is the most effective way to moisturise Afro hair (we started to touch on this with our first point). The LOC and LCO methods are most popular and at Afrocenchix we're big fans of these methods. Both are acronyms:

L = liquid, O = oil and C = cream.

The order of the letters lets you know what order you should apply the products. Our Moisture Surge Set contains a product for each step Sheen (liquid), Seal (oil) and Smooth (cream). 

Want to learn more about how to layer your products? Watch our "How to Moisturise Afro hair with LOC method" tutorial (below)!  

The LCO/LOC methods are great for adding moisture to your hair post washing and in between washdays to moisturise your hair.

Not sure which method is for you? Figure out which method works better for you by trying each one for a week and comparing results. 

3. Tuck Your Ends Away

Twist outs, Bantu Knot outs, puffs — any hairstyle that involves hair being exposed will accelerate dry hair.

You don't need to avoid these styles completely but if your hair is constantly dry then alternating with protective styles that keep the ends of your hair tucked away will help minimise dryness. 

How to effectively moisturise afro hair: Chuka Soko with box braids holding the Afrocenchix Moisture Surge Set

Looking for inspiration? Then head over to our Styling playlist on YouTube. It has lots of cute protective hairstyles that are quick and simple to do.

4. Sleep On Satin

Do you go to sleep with moisturised hair and wake up with dry hair? It could be that your pillow is absorbing moisture from your hair.

Bed sheets are usually made with cotton because cotton absorbs moisture when you sweat at night. The problem is, cotton also absorbs moisture from the hair, drying it out.

Afrocenchix How To Effectively Moisturise Afro Hair: Black woman lying on bed with satin bonnet reading a book
Satin, on the other hand, minimises moisture loss from the hair keeping it in good condition overnight. Try sleeping with a satin-lined bonnet or on a satin pillowcase. 
Product recommendation: Our limited edition stylish bonnet protects your Afro hair during the night and even under a hat!

5. Drink More Water


It's not only what you put onto your hair that makes a difference — what you put into your body is very important. 8 large glasses a day serves as a rough guideline to how much you should drink but how much water you actually need depends on your size and how active you are.  

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