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Natural Bridal Wedding Hairstyles

We love seeing brides glow with their natural crowns! Many women tell us that they've been talked out of wearing their natural hair for fear it won't look good on the big day. Unfortunately, afro hair has long been labelled as unattractive, unprofessional and unmanageable. Despite the natural hair movement, mainstream media still presents kinks and curls as something to be hidden or straightened for important events. We believe natural hair is glamorous, elegant, classy and beautiful.    Joycelyn and Rachael on their wedding days   Many of us wear our natural hair on a regular basis so wearing a straight style on our wedding days could be contradictory to our personal looks. For many women, your wedding day is when you want to look your most beautiful. We want you to know you can wear your hair in a natural style in your most adorned state and look your best whilst embracing your kinky, curly hair.  Love your curls and want to celebrate them on your big day? Need inspiration for a natural wedding guest hairstyle? You can do so much with your natural hair, here is a starting point! Browse some of our favourite looks courtesy of Pinterest.   10 Natural Bridal Hairstyle Inspiration 1. Loose twist-out updo   2. Halo twist with a low bun   3.  Twisted hawk with cornrows 4. Twisted hawk      5. Flat twists with a low bun 6. Chunky twists pinned into a low bun 7. Halo crown braid with afro 8. Halo crown braid bun garnished with gold string   9. Half up, half-down style with flower decoration   10. High puff twist out Want to see more people embracing their beautiful natural curls? Here are some articles!   Read more: Top 5 Black Panther Natural Hair Moments New Hair, Who dis? 10 Graduation styles that will make you want to rock your afro for graduation day