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Why is my hair so dry? 4 permanent fixes to say bye to dry hair!

Contribution from Ebun, a pharmacist from London. I went natural 3 years ago, the longer my afro hair grew the drier it got. Here are my solutions.

Why is my hair so dry? 4 permanent fixes to say bye to dry hair!

Contribution from Ebun, a pharmacist from London. I went natural 3 years ago, the longer my afro hair grew the drier it got. Here are my solutions.

How Not to Leave the Salon in Tears

In this post, Afrocenchix co-founder Rachael recounts her nightmare salon experience and how much harm was caused. She also gives tips for what to do when in the salon so that your voice is heard and you avoid the awful experience and make sure your salon trips are positive. 

Gym Head with Natural Hair? Try These 4 Protective Styles for Working Out

A super useful post from one of our wonderful interns. I played rugby during my last two years at university and prior to being a sports woman I would be at the gym at least 4 times a week. Using protective styling made it very easy to stay active and keep...

Hygral Fatigue - Can Water Damage your Hair?

Many of us deep condition our hair. It can seem like the longer you leave the conditioner in, the better. What if we told you that this is damaging your hair?

Healthy Hair Hacks

At Afrocenchix HQ, we like to think of ourselves as healthy hair hackers. Here are some of our favourite healthy hair hacks: 1. Applying coconut oil to hair before washing for extra moisture. If you suffer from very dry hair or have been rocking a protective style such as braids...

How do you reduce constant shedding and get your hair to grow?

In this blog we will address a few FAQs: How do you reduce constant shedding? How do you get your afro hair to grow at the same rate all around your head?

3 Top Tips for Top-notch Twistouts

1. Neat Twists. Neat Twist Outs As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so the twist-out does not fall far from the twist. That is, if you have messy twists with strands “borrowed” from stray hair left, right and center you will more often than not end up with a...

3 Ways to Avoid Heat Damage

As mentioned in our last post, high temperatures cause the hair cuticle to be raised, not only leaving the delicate cortex of the hair vulnerable to damage but also allowing moisture to escape. In this post, we will share how to avoid heat damage and keep your hair in tip...

Healthy Hair? It's all about Balance

Want soft, healthy, manageable hair? Of course, we all do. To achieve the hair you’d love to have it’s essential to maintain high moisture levels. Two of the main (controllable) factors which can determine how moisturised your hair are pH and temperature. Low temperatures and a low pH means the...

Haircare Under Protective Styles

Wearing protective styles can be a great way to grow longer, healthier natural hair. When properly maintained these styles can help reduce: exposure to the elements; mechanical damage caused by manipulation when styling; and friction caused by rubbing against scarves, coats and other rough garments. Protective styles include braids, weaves, wigs, twists, and buns....

5 Reasons your Hair is Breaking

A common complaint we hear from women is that their hair doesn't grow. In most cases, it is growing, it's just breaking as fast as it grows. If your hair is short it should be because you choose to cut it, not because it keeps falling off! Control your hair...

Hair Loss in Pregnancy

During pregnancy most women expect glowing skin and full, shiny hair...some like me get spots and breakage instead! Not much is known about hair loss and breakage in pregnancy. Theories include the idea that high progesterone levels make hair drier and more brittle leading to breakage, and that pregnancy sickness...

Healthy Hair Challenge Volume/Length Check

Guest Post from Jacqueline Shepherd "While away in New Zealand (I was there throughout March if you missed me raving on about it!) I had planned to keep my hair in one style in an attempt to prevent it from becoming dry. The sun is particularly intense in that part of the world...

Volume check: Big hair, do care!

Guest Post from Jacqueline Shepherd "Can you believe that January 2016 has been and gone and as I write this we are actually more than a week into February already? Time really is flying and before you know it I’ll be bringing you some results of the first quarter of my...