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Which Afrocenchix Product is Right for Me?

Take our quiz to find out! Discover what your hair really needs. Get tailored product recommendations & reading suggestions from hair experts.

Make everyday a good hair day

Loving your hair is easy when you know how to look after it! Get soft, moisturised, manageable afro hair with The Moisture Surge Set today.

At Afrocenchix we believe the little things in life should be simple.

We blend natural and organic ingredients with expertise to make hair care as simple as possible. Supporting Britain is important to us so we work with UK scientists and chemists to formulate high quality products, we manufacture in the UK and support British suppliers. Our products are never tested on animals, our raw materials are ethically sourced and we use environmentally friendly preservatives.


Wow now I can wear my natural hair with pride. I dye my hair regularly and realised it was getting dry. Wanted to try natural products. This cured my tangled, dry unruly curls. I now have softer and healthier looking hair. Now I have “hair envy” from my friends.


What makes a great moisturiser is its ability to keep hair hydrated, soft and silky for a couple of days! This is exactly what Smooth does. It is great to use right after shampooing/conditioning and smooths the hair cuticles locking in moisture producing juicy, shiny twists and ultimately a beautiful bouncy twist out! Love it!


I LOVE LOVE these products........ Makes my hair super soft and soooooo much easier to manage. On the rare occasion that I use a comb, it just glides through - really quite amazing. Hard to pick a favourite - all items in Moisture Surge set - really really moisturising. I have tried LCO & LOC - works really well either way.

Tola T

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

  • Are all your products natural?

    Indeed, they are! We will never use harsh synthetic chemicals and controversial ingredients. Our products are free from sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrance, SLS and silicones. We choose only ingredients that bring a benefit to you selecting natural ingredients which will leave your hair smelling, feeling and looking good! We don’t waste space with ingredients that don’t need to be there: all of our ingredients are active ingredients!

  • How much is shipping?

    As a small business (we're growing but still pretty teeny tiny) we're currently limited in our ability to absorb postage and packaging costs. We do try to offer free UK shipping where possible and are partnering with retailers worldwide to reduce shipping costs for you.

  • I have sensitive skin can I still use your products and are they allergy free?

    One of the reason's we started is that Rachael is allergic to everything! We take pride in the fact that our whole team and all our families use Afrocenchix. From the babies to the grown ups. All of our products are natural and specially formulated to be super gentle, even for the most sensitive skin types. Our formal testing processes deemed our entire line safe for adults and children and we take allergen safety incredibly seriously. We recognise that your body is unique and it's impossible to guarantee any one ingredient or product to be completely allergy-free for everyone. If you have sensitive skin we recommend that you do a patch test on your wrist, inner elbow or behind your ear, when using any of our products for the first time.

  • Are your products vegan?

    Yes, all our products are certified vegan.